Kitchen remodeling is a wonderful idea. But there’s always a good reason to remodel the kitchen, as you’ll find out below.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the kitchen is the only place where family and friends gather to make the fondest memories. And that’s why you’d want it to be spacious, aesthetically appealing, and well furnished. 

Your kitchen space is more than just a cooking and eating area. It is that place where everyone converges for a midnight snack, serious discussions over a cup of tea, homework as you prepare a delicious dinner, or a family get-together to make major decisions.

So you’ve figured that renovating your food hub will offer more benefits for the family. And you can have it revamped to your needs and liking. That can help you craft more homemade recipes and season them with great love.

But that’s not all.

Other factors can push you to want to give your kitchen a makeover. 

First things first, let’s get some answers.

Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It?

Have you always wanted to wake up to a cup of espresso every morning, but there’s not enough space on your kitchen counter for your coffee maker? Or could it be you’ve desired to make your own homemade pizza, but the machine can’t fit in your kitchen? 

After carrying out a remodel, will you have a healthier lifestyle and enjoy quality family time? Well… that partly explains why your kitchen remodel is worth it.

An elegant kitchen elevates the overall functionality and appearance of your home. Beyond the monetary aspect, your home also has to be enjoyable, most especially your kitchen. An attractive, functional kitchen is just what you need to spread happiness.

You may want to upgrade the whole kitchen space or just a few things in it, depending on your objective.

All in all, it’s only you who can determine whether renovating your kitchen is worth it. Besides the financial aspect, you also have to consider how you’ll enjoy your refurbished space. 

How Can You Plan for Your Kitchen Renovation?

The worst thing that can happen during a kitchen revamp is installing elegant counters and realizing that you can’t keep them there because the space is reserved for the sink. This is why having a plan in advance is essential. You’ll avoid going backward and spending more funds on installing and removing components.

Refurbishing your kitchen doesn’t have to be an uphill task. You can have a significant impact with an excellent plan such as this one.

Determine Your Needs

The first thing to do when scheduling a kitchen remodel is to decide what you want to achieve. This will help you list down your options and create a budget. 

Your options may seem limitless, but you’ll have to choose what’s most important. Is it kitchen storage you want to increase? Or are you looking for more room for entertaining? Do you want your kitchen to have more flow?

You can ask yourself these questions to help you narrow down your needs:

The solution is simple. When you decide what you must have in your kitchen, it’ll be easy to set a budget and implement it. You see my point, right?

Set Your Budget

Now that you know exactly what your kitchen needs, it’s time to have a realistic budget for your kitchen revamp. To understand the amount you should allocate for each item on your list, try to divide your budget based on the area of focus.

Have a breakdown of everything and the amount you are going to spend on each.

Depending on what’s on your list, you should have a set amount for;

But how do you make sure you stay within your set budget? The idea here is to balance everything by cutting back on some elements to compensate the most important. 

Here’s what I mean; if your appliances are more important than cabinetry, readjust your budget allocation appropriately. Just make sure you don’t go over your set budget.

Visit Showrooms and Hardware Stores for Ideas

By visiting your local showrooms and hardware stores, you’ll get an idea of the trending options and materials available on the market and their cost. Why is that? Because you’ll be able to choose the right material or compare different options and choose what fits into your theme and budget. 

For instance, if you want to cut your budget, you can look for similar, less expensive options. 

Engage Professional Help

In-depth kitchen renovations require a professional to accomplish. When it comes to electrical, cabinets, and plumbing installations or removals, only a highly trained professional can handle it. Doing it yourself can be dangerous and tedious. In your budget, allocate an amount for professional indulgence.

Reasons for Remodeling Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel offers you a chance to furnish it anew with modern appliances and fixtures. Making upgrades to your kitchen will make it look stylish and more functional. Here’s how important it is to redesign the one room that nourishes the home.

To Increase the Home’s Value

In case you’re thinking of putting your house for sale, it wouldn’t be a good idea to have it listed with an old kitchen with outdated appliances. This may not attract potential buyers. But upgrading it before putting it up for sale will give it a modern design that will increase the entire home’s value.

To Avoid Deterioration

Broken cabinet doors and locks, old and malfunctioning appliances, peeling countertops, and cracked wall and floor tiles? This signifies that your kitchen is falling apart and can neither inspire family gatherings nor gourmet cooking. It is necessary to give a complete makeover to such a kitchen that has outlived its usefulness.

To Minimize Energy Consumption

While refurbishing your kitchen, you’ll be able to equip it with energy-efficient appliances and fixtures such as dishwashers, refrigerators, dry cleaners, and more. Most of these modern fixtures and appliances are designed to reduce your energy bills without affecting their performance.

Increase Storage and Overall Kitchen Space

Your kitchen may lack enough storage space or fixtures like cabinets. But you can extend the space, add more appliances and fixtures while improving its appeal. In this way, you’ll not only maximize on space but will also modernize it as you’ve always dreamt of.

To Improve Its Safety

You must be deliberating on how you can make your kitchen safer for everyone. Well, you just got your answer – an exquisite makeover. Keeping old appliances will not do you any good with regards to safety. They have old electrical systems and wiring that make it impossible to handle the outputs from modern energy grids. However, new appliances are designed with the right components to handle electric voltages without putting your safety at risk.

When planning a remodeling, consider the best features that will make it safe and comfortable to work in the kitchen.

To Boost the Flow

Like everyone else, you must have your dream kitchen in mind, a dream you’ve had for quite a while now. To accomplish this dream, a kitchen revamp is the only way. It will help you implement your dream design with utmost control over your kitchen’s layout. 

Your counter space, appliances, storage cabinets, and food preparation area will be exactly as you perceived them to be. And this will make your meal preparation a daily adventure for you.

To Fit Your Lifestyle

Your kitchen should be designed with all the elegance you need without compromising your lifestyle. Having it personalized to your activities and preferences will improve workflow and ensure there’s ample space for everyone in the family. 

The current kitchen layout may not be for you if it lacks your favorite breakfast bar where everyone gathers to grab a quick bite or enjoy a cup O’ Joe. Your motivation for a remodel is to arrange the space to accommodate your family’s needs.

To Accommodate Special Needs

It will be necessary to remodel your kitchen in order to accommodate the needs of a person with disability within the family. For instance, if a family member uses a wheelchair or can’t reach the top shelves, you can remodel the room to make things more accessible.

Mistakes You Should Avoid During Your Kitchen Remodel

I know what you’re thinking… that now you know your needs and have the budget ready, it’s time to commence your kitchen renovation. But wait… before embarking on your refurbishing journey, make sure you don’t overlook these remodel mistakes which can cost you more in the long run.

Choosing the Wrong Size of Items

If you’re planning to buy new items, check the sizes to make sure they fit and blend in well with the space. You don’t want an uneven and incomplete kitchen space filled with unmatching items.

When purchasing appliances, lighting, stools, cabinets, countertops, and other items, carry their measurements with you to avoid mishaps. Measure your kitchen, available space, storage space needed for each item, and more. This will help you to pick appropriate items for your kitchen. Carry a tape measure with you just to be sure.

Don’t Overdesign

Let me guess… you have a plethora of design ideas you want to incorporate in your dream kitchen remodel. Alluring floor designs, modular appliances, colorful wallpapers, intriguing frames, and more. And you want all of them represented in that single space, right? 

This is a terrible idea. Your kitchen will have a cluttered look and lose its appeal. Just pick a single design theme you can use to replenish the entire kitchen space. One theme will shine and stand out, making the room look more spacious and functional. 

Not Minding the Appliances

It is very common to overlook the appliances when remodeling. Never choose your kitchen appliances last during a renovation. Chances are, they may not fit in your drawers and cabinets. 

I know you want your new appliances to match your kitchen theme. But what is the point of having perfect appliances that don’t fit? What will happen is that you’ll have to pay more to adjust the space or replace your appliances.

Be smart about this by taking accurate measurements of your appliances in advance. This will help you leave enough room in your storage spaces to accommodate them.

Overlooking the Flow

When refurbishing your kitchen, you should consider placing the stove, refrigerator, and sink away from each other to create a flow. These are the busiest places in our kitchen and require some space apart to make it possible for multiple users to work simultaneously. 

If you are stocking the refrigerator, someone else should have enough space to wash the vegetables/utensils or use the stove.

For an even functionality and flow of work, place your fridge, stove, and sink in a triangular design that will keep them separate from each other. 

Not Considering Storage Space

Every kitchen requires a lot of storage space. From tray dividers, drawers, and cabinets, you need to add as much space as you can. 

Don’t focus too much on aesthetics and overlook the storage space. Without much space to store all your kitchen necessities, its functionality will diminish. 

While remodeling, spare separate areas for the different categories of items you have. This will make your work easy as you maneuver through the kitchen. It is great to stash away utensils and other food items that don’t need to be exposed. 

Have enough cabinets and drawers, so your kitchen design appears more alluring. This will also help rid your kitchen of insects, dirt, and moisture from the stored items.

Take Away

Ideally, you want your kitchen to be functional, stylish, and appealing. That’s why you consider giving it a makeover. It feels good to have a beautiful kitchen that is envied by many. So go on, take the first step into achieving your dream kitchen.

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