It is essential to plan for your kitchen remodeling carefully. Here is how to find the expert who will carry out renovations to your kitchen.

After making the necessary preparations, you are now more than ready to roll out your kitchen remodeling.

It is time to engage a professional. But who among these should you hire to do the work? An architect, a designer, or a general contractor?

Who is best suited to do a great job right from conception to completion? And most importantly, help you achieve your dream kitchen on time, within your budget?

To hire the best expert for your kitchen remodel, you must first understand who these professionals are and what they actually do.

Let’s find out more.

Working with an Architect

An architect will be there for you from the planning phase of your kitchen remodeling to project completion. They will work alongside you to understand your dreams and vision, problem-solving and offer creative solutions.

They’ll develop ideas and turn them into drawings that’ll be used for construction. They work to make sure that your aesthetic considerations blend well with your kitchen’s structural requirements.

Here’s the interesting part:

Architects will help you plan and work out your budget. Some will even get you the latest information regarding building costs for all the aspects of kitchen remodeling projects. Which is why it’s essential to hire the most knowledgeable and experienced builder to work on your project.

Expert architects will coordinate with designers and general contractors to make sure your vision comes to reality. They’ll help with managing your project, choosing and managing the contractor.

Your architect will help you get the necessary documentation and approvals from local authorities to commence the project. And they may stay to oversee the project, advising you on any changes that may occur.

But that’s not all… the architect will make sure you choose the right materials and colors for your kitchen. As if that’s not enough, they’ll go the extra mile to help you purchase the necessary fixtures and fittings.

To get the best outcomes, you should clarify your interests and expectations to your architect right from the beginning. This will ensure you are on the same page with each phase of your kitchen remodeling project.

Why Should You Hire an Architect?

An architect is ideal for jobs that require new configurations of existing spaces, sizable additions, and sustainable designs. They are most qualified, with knowledge, training, and experience to handle even the tiniest details and complex processes of your kitchen remodel.

Their proficiency in design, engineering, ergonomics, building and construction, and building codes enables them to devise creative and innovative solutions that turn complex problems into elegant but cost-effective and energy-efficient structures.

And it gets better.

Retaining your architect till the end of the project is a plus. You’ll gain an expert advisor who will weigh in on the many choices you’re going to make on your kitchen revamp, from the styles, materials, spacing, colors to coming up with solutions to unanticipated problems.

When Do You Need an Architect?

Most kitchen refurbishing doesn’t require the services of an architect. Only when making substantial alterations to your kitchen’s structure and layout or when configuring it a new will you need an architect to help with the design. Things like removing the walls, changing the roof, expanding the footprint, or adding a workspace will require their expertise to accomplish.

As a matter of fact, any kitchen remodel project that costs more than 5-10% of the value of your home will be better off if an architect is involved.

Working with a Designer

A designer will use their design expertise to devise appealing ideas for your dream kitchen. They’ll help you space plan, budget for, select the materials, colors, fixtures, and appliances, and work on the finished looks of your kitchen interiors.

Your designer will help you develop practical and stylish solutions to enhance your kitchen’s functionality and flow and make it comfortable to maneuver. They’ll assess your lifestyle, cooking habits, and preferences and tailor the space to suit them.

Most designers don’t involve themselves in project management. But they’ll work with general contractors to coordinate the major interior renovations. Some take on the entire project.

A kitchen designer focuses on;

Based on the scope of your renovation project, your designer will provide design services alone or offer comprehensive services. Some have extensive knowledge and experience in design, architecture, and building and will take up the project from concept to completion.

Why You Need a Kitchen Designer

Professional kitchen designers understand their work better than any other expert. They’ve worked on various remodeling projects for a long time to understand every aspect of kitchen remodel. They have in-depth knowledge in the field and can offer you the smartest, stylish choices for your kitchen.

Kitchen designers have the wits to;

Just like architects, kitchen designers can select and manage general contractors and handle the remodeling process.

Matter of fact:

They take care of all queries regarding your storage solutions, lighting, smart devices and appliances, countertop and cabinet trends, workspace efficiency, flooring options, waste disposal, recycling, and much more.

When Should You Indulge a Kitchen Designer?

You’re probably wondering if getting a specialist kitchen designer is necessary for your remodeling project. However easy refurbishing your kitchen may seem, the input of an expert is necessary.

For each phase of your remodeling, you’ll need;

A kitchen makeover attracts plenty of solutions to make your dream kitchen worthwhile. It will only take a single call to the best designer to give you the most creative design ideas for your food hub.

Working with a General Contractor

A general contractor will oversee the entire kitchen remodeling project to ensure everything goes well and you expect. They will determine the budget cost of the project and draw a contract.

Contractors provide the workforce, including carpenters and plumbers. They’ll supervise the work to completion. Some partner with architects or designers and will be willing to work with any other expert of your choice. Most contractors can do the design themselves if allowed to.

To help you accomplish your dream kitchen, a general contractor will understand your vision, help you with budgeting, and offer creative solutions.

Why Should You Bring a General Contractor on Board?

Professional contractors know their way around design and construction. They will;

I think you’ll agree with me that the last thing you need is to find yourself in trouble with the law because you failed to adhere to the local building regulations. Your contractor will handle this on your behalf and bring in the most reliable experts who will deliver the results you desire.

When Should You Bring in A Contractor?

You’ll need a general contractor when you need significant structural repair to your kitchen, a demolition, restoration, construction permits, or other professionals like masons, plumbers, electricians, and more.

Bottom line? 

A general contractor comes in as a full package. This will save you time and money when you have to look for manpower.

If you’re wondering whether to indulge a general contractor or not, then read on to find out. The only situation that will prevent you from getting a contractor for your remodeling project is when;

·         Your remodeling project is small, and you already have a home improvement expert to replace your floor or implement a few design changes that only require structural work.

·         You are a professional in the field and can manage the project yourself.

If not, you should get a professional contractor for significant kitchen remodels.

Who Should You Hire for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen Designers vs. Architects

To help you choose between hiring a kitchen designer or an architect, here is what you should look at this;

·         Do you need design help and inspiration? Is your kitchen remodel project big, or does it include significant structural changes? Then you should hire an architect.

·         On the other hand, do you need design inspiration and help? Do you want to retain your kitchen footprint with only modest changes? Then indulge the services of a designer.

Whoever you choose for your kitchen revamp, make sure they are good at what they do.

What to Consider When Hiring

So you’ve thought things through, vetted your prospects, and are now ready to hire. Here are things to consider before hiring a general contractor, architect, or kitchen designer.

Hiring an Architect

The architect you choose must be trained, experienced, and licensed. Some have a bachelor’s degree and years of experience. After training, an architect must take the Architect Registration Exam.

Architect fees vary. Some will charge a percentage of the whole remodeling project, while some will charge you by the square foot or hour.

Because of fee variations, it’s best to vet several candidates so you can compare their expertise and costs.

Hiring a Kitchen Designer

Taking on a kitchen designer is almost the same as hiring an architect. Getting a designer who understands your needs can help you accomplish your goals. You must be able to like their work and feel comfortable around them. Their skills, experience, and service offerings should align with what you want for your project.

Qualifications of a Designer

The kitchen designer’s field is not regulated, but you can look for one with certification and industry experience. Design firms have the best designers in the market to do justice to your kitchen.

Find and meet several designers to review their recent work, assess their references, and read their reviews online.

Kitchen design services are many. Some offer simple consultations, while others provide full remodeling services. The cost of service will depend on your personal needs and choices. Many designers charge 10% of the total expense of the renovation. It will cost you less if your needs are limited.

Hiring a General Contractor

A contractor has immense experience in their field, and no one can dispute that. Look into your contractor to find out the recent projects they’ve handled.

Qualifications of a Contractor

Some general contractors have a certificate in construction management, while others have a degree. Ideally, a contractor should also be licensed in handling residential and commercial projects. You can find more information from the local building department to familiarize yourself with contractor requirements in your area. Make sure the contractor is insured.

General Contractor Fees

General contractors charge fees based on the percentage markup of the project.

To get the best contractor in the industry, find one who;

Before deciding on the one contractor;

Ask your candidates about;

This will help you find someone qualified to handle your project.

To Sum Up

When choosing between an interior designer, contractor, or architect, you should weigh your needs and their services. The scope of your remodeling project will also determine which of the three you should hire.

To get the best person for the job, look for referrals from friends, family, or acquaintances. You can also check reviews online to help you assess the candidates.

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