Read on to discover the easiest yet best remodeling ideas for small kitchens to make the heart of your home look more elegant, spacious, and sizzling.

A small kitchen can be quite challenging to work with.

But hey, the fact that your kitchen space is small doesn’t have to limit your cooking experience.

There are many ways to enhance your small kitchen’s beauty and functionality.

All you need are a few ideas to get there.

Even with the tiniest space, you can maximize it with the most creative kitchen remodeling ideas. 

And you don’t have to compromise on its value and style either.

But first, let’s understand some of the things you should keep in mind when considering a small kitchen revamp.

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Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Dallas, Texas

The modern Dallas homeowner is leaning towards a more comfortable, sustainable, and functional kitchen space, even when it’s that small. 

Everyone wants an upscale cooking experience, right?

Driven by trending materials, technology, and practicality, you’ll eagerly embrace an efficient layout, modern aesthetics, sophisticated appliances, and performance-enhanced components for your small kitchen. 

Your small cooking hub may not have all the extras you need. 

But there are ingenious ways to add some storage space, change the layout, upgrade equipment, and give it the decorative appeal it deserves.

Here some remodeling ideas in Dallas for 2021 that our customers, designers and contractors find appealing:

For more inspiration, check out these trending kitchen remodelling ideas you may want to try out during your next remodeling project.

This year, Houzz conducted a study about the trending kitchen designs and remodeling ideas. The study highlights the best products and features you need for your small space. This is good news, especially if you’re planning a small kitchen renovation and need an expert remodeler from Dallas to help you realize your dream.

How Do I Go About My Small Kitchen Remodel?

Before redesigning your small kitchen space, do the following;

Examine Your Existing Kitchen Space

Although it costs less to remodel your small kitchen, you’ll still need a plan to achieve your ideal kitchen. 

By examining your current space, you’ll be able to come up with a proper plan that fits your needs. 

You’ll agree with us when we point out that everyone has a dream kitchen in mind when considering remodeling.

You’ll always fantasize about its style, what appliance updates you’d like, the color and size of your cabinets, type of countertops, and stuff like that. 

Listing them up can help you and your designers make a reality out of your dreams. And you’ll be able to utilize your small space accordingly.

What Exactly Do You Need From Your Small Kitchen Remodel?

When planning a renovation for your small kitchen, it would help to list your needs and wants.  

Here’s what I mean… 

A list will help you determine your priorities and how you can maximize your space to fit both your necessities and extras.

Things like how much cabinet and counter space you need and what appliances are necessary. Do you need an extra area for multitasking? 

These and more will help you make the necessary changes.

Your Dream Kitchen’s Design Style

Let me guess…. You’ve always wanted a particular design for your dream kitchen, however small it is. 

Your renovation project should boil down to the favorite style you’ve always looked forward to—a design you’ve always wanted for your cooking hub.

The rest doesn’t matter, as long as your design team incorporates your dream kitchen’s style in the entire project – the colors, countertop material, and finishing, cabinet styles, and more.

What Kitchen Updates Do You Need?

Let’s face it… There’s no way you’ll consider a kitchen remodel without a proper plan for upgrades.

At least you know which appliances and fixtures you need to be updated to improve your small kitchen’s flow.

Based on your needs, you want everything in your refurbished kitchen to be functional and in the right place. 

That’s why you must update your equipment to make your kitchen remodel a worthwhile venture.

So get your team ready to transform that space into the most lovable food preparation area in the home.

With these considerations, you’ll find that you have enough room to comfortably prepare family meals and store your food and other items

And that’s not enough… Your kitchen will be unique and livelier, just as you’ve always wanted.

The Best Remodelling Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

Now that you know what you need for your small kitchen remodel, you must be wondering how to make your dream a reality.

But guess what I realized just in the nick of time? 

With the right ideas and a brilliant team of professionals, you can transform your small kitchen into a spacious, lively, and functional space.

Here are the best creative ideas for your small kitchen remodel.

1. Have it Simple, But Stunning

Sometimes it’s not necessary to fill your small kitchen space with decorative trinkets or colors. 

A little bit of greenery to complement a few more shelves above your countertops can do the trick. 

Take several small potted plants, hang them on silver rods over the window, and see how your kitchen turns out.

So Tiny, Yet So Simple

Image source:

Amazing, isn’t it?

Alternatively, you can have white cabinets to go with dark gray walls. Then have a lovely tree centerpiece on the kitchen table. On the adjacent wall, place your framed photographs.

Such small accents will liven your small kitchen without you scratching your head.

However, if this isn’t your thing, check out this next brilliant idea.

2. Give it a Touch of Modernity

You’ll agree with us that most kitchen designs feature white walls and cabinets. White may not be your favorite. To some, it looks boring.

What if you go with cream and teal décor accents and pieces? 

This will inspire you to create any décor scheme you want for your kitchen. 

And you can spice it up with items like an antique chandelier or wooden boxes to give this modern design an old-world charm touch.

And that’s not all…. 

You can include colored appliances, such as a blue retro fridge that has sleek shiny black accents to go with the cream tile backsplash. It is just a matter of fusing elements to give your kitchen a charming but modern look.

We aren’t done, not just yet.

3. Engross Your Entire Kitchen in an Elegant Furniture Piece

Do you want to make the best out of your small kitchen space? 

Then sit tight and read this. 

You can turn your kitchen into a smashing floor-to-ceiling furniture piece. 


Well, just build a complete kitchen counter including the sink, shelving, and microwave space into a gorgeous furniture piece that no one can resist. Whether closed or open, it just looks stunning! 

You’ll make a lovely, functional nook with demure accents that make your kitchen blend well with your home design. And more so, if you have a functioning wet bar.

4. Go Bold and Reflective

It’s not surprising that you may have come across reflective kitchen surfaces in your quest for small kitchen design inspirations and ideas. 

Using materials like polished tin can transform your small kitchen space into a large, reflective food preparation area. 

Bright Yellows and Metallic Surfaces


Such material reflects images to create an illusion that makes your space look larger than it already is. A metallic ceiling, in this case, will make the room look taller. And when you paint the cabinets yellow, your kitchen’s impression will be that of openness.

That’s why designers use plenty of mirrors in small spaces.

We are pretty sure you’ll love this next idea.

5. Ever Thought About Open Shelving?

We bet you already have but didn’t know how to go about it, right?

Open shelving is a bold, chic modern design that replaces your typical kitchen cabinetry. It allows you to create a gorgeous décor scheme in your small kitchen space.

You can store your glassware, plates, and other kitchen accessories on open shelves and keep them well organized. It is a great way to give your small kitchen a more spacious and airy look.

Try copper shelving and boost the feeling of space in your kitchen. It is a super chic trend used in place of cabinets. It enables you to neatly place your items on the kitchen shelves and make them look more appealing.

6. Let There Be Cabinet Lighting!

Lighting up your kitchen cabinets or open shelving can make your small kitchen seem larger. 

The lights will also illuminate your beautiful shelving and kitchen décor.

Your type of shelving will determine how you install the lighting. Feel free to experiment with the angles to install the lights at convenient places that will bring the best out of your space.

For instance, try to put the lights on top of your cabinets. This will draw the eye upward and create an illusion of a larger kitchen space. 

If you put the lights at the bottom of the cabinets, it will create shadows.

Natural lighting is the best in this case, especially if you use glass doors or skylights. 

On top of that:

You can add some lighting at the base of your floor units or underneath your wall cupboards. Use spotlights because they’ll give maximum lighting. 

Final Thoughts 

Now that you have the best remodeling ideas for your small kitchen, you have no excuse to make it stylish and look more open and spacious. 

Still have some questions? We’ve answered most of them below.

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Small Kitchen Remodeling FAQs

What Is The Average Cost To Remodel A Small Kitchen?

An average small kitchen measures about 70 square feet or less.

To achieve great style and functionality for your small kitchen, you’d have to part with at least $9,500 to 14,250

For upscale small kitchens, you can use between $25,000 and $35,000 or more.

A cosmetic update such as painting, flooring, and installing a new faucet and sink will cost you much less.

The total cost of renovating your small kitchen will depend on your kitchen’s size, layout, and materials you choose to use.

What Is The Best Layout For A Small Kitchen?

There are two popular kitchen layouts that may work for your small kitchen.

The one-wall kitchen layout will be great for you if you don’t use it regularly. But for most, this layout may be too tight.

It is typically half of the galley kitchen with very little space for counters and cabinets. This only means that you’ll need to forego some services like dishwashers.

On the other hand, there’s the galley or corridor-style kitchen layout where services like cooking stove, dishwasher, and sink are clustered in a small area. 

Storage can be done in lower and upper cabinets while cooking on the counter space.

Galley kitchens can fit in very narrow spaces, even in an 8 feet area. If well designed, you can use your galley kitchen as a full-service kitchen space.

What Color Cabinets Will Look Best In a Small Kitchen?

Generally, lighter shade cabinets work well in small kitchen spaces, especially those with little natural light flowing in. 

Light colors such as white, grey, and off-white on kitchen cabinets will make the space look bigger and more open. And you can add a dash of different colors as accents.  

Furthermore, lighter cabinet colors can complement your kitchen accessories. They blend well with many other colors too.

What Colors Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger?

There are plenty of palettes to make your small kitchen look bigger without making it feel claustrophobic.

They include:

Pro Tip: When using dark colors such as navy blue, use them sparingly with plenty of bright white. Using saturated hues strategically will give you excellent outcomes.

Remember also to consider these things when choosing the best colors for your small kitchen.

How Can I Make My Small Kitchen Look Beautiful?

To make your small kitchen space look more beautiful and stylish, do the following;

  1. Use vibrant colors. Colors like yellow, white, off-white, metallic, copper and more will brighten any narrow spaces in your kitchen.
  1. Blend modernity with mid-century industrial styles. Industrial styles include beautiful blends of raw wood, stainless steel, and brick to give your small kitchen a medieval look. 
  1. Give it a rustic touch
  1. Have an open plan kitchen. This will create harmony in the design, décor, and color, which will sync well with the rest of the house. 
  1. Use modern materials. There are plenty of attractive accessories you can use to decorate your kitchen, even when on budget. Beautiful service sets, knives, scoops, stylish jars, and other decorative items on your open racks and countertops can transform your kitchen into an elegant space.

Can You Put Dark Cabinets In A Small Kitchen?

Dark colors often dominate the room, making it look smaller. 

But you can use dark grey and brown cabinets to create a splendid background and add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

So yes, you can use dark cabinets in a small kitchen. Just make sure you balance the dark color with kitchen elements and other colors.

It’s also possible to have dark cabinetry as an accent.

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